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Gfiber FRP Vessel Water Treatment

Who is Gfiber Vessel

Gfiber is a well-known and predictable source for Water Treatment FRP Vessel in worldwide. Gfiber supply all sizes of FRP Vessel as per customer’s need and demand. You can think our company is one of the initiators for manufacturing FRP Vessel for water treatment who has sales network in worldwide basis. Through international expansions and as a natural outgrowth of our business, G-Fiber Vessel is also offer custom-made products that constructed for special needs of the various market segments. We are now carrying large inventory of developed products and; engineer into different field and application. With each division staffed by a group of dedicated team player, we are emphasized and control the quality throughout each step of our manufacturing process to meet every requirement.

Our main objective is to satisfy the individual needs and demands of customers by providing innovative solutions to help customers solve and utilized their particular problem in order to fulfill their specific demand in the most appropriate cost-effective manner. New products will be release and products will be upgrade based on regular basis. For any query you are requested to contact us at info@gfibervessel.com. we will try to feedback you within 16 working hours.

Why Choose Gfiber Vessel

Gfiber FRP Vessel has exceptional anti-corrosion performance than others metal. So, Gfiver FRP Vessel has been able to survive all kinds of atmospheric, water, acids, alkalis, salts, oils and solvents. Our Gfiber FRP vessel is also a relatively good thermal as well as an electrical insulator. The dielectric properties of FRP means that it can be used safely where electrical conductivity cannot be tolerated. It features a low density, which can often give a good strength to weight ratio, which is important in transportation and many structural applications.


At a glance we can say, you must choose Gfiber FRP Vessel for Water treatment because of Light weight with high strength, Good corrosion resistance & electrical performance. It has also good thermal performance and flexible design ability. It can prove excellent workmanship.

FRP means Fibre-reinforced plastic. FRP Vessel is a kind of non-metallic composite tank made of resin and glass fiber wound by microcomputer-controlled machine. It is well amalgamated material complete of a polymer matrix reinforced with fibers. The fibers are generally glass-carbon, aramid, or basalt. Rarely. The other fibers can be different such as, paper, wood, or asbestos have been used

It has good benefits of rust resistance, better strength, life-long service ability, customized design and strong manufacturability. Due to the characteristics of FRP tanks, FRP tanks are widely used in Water Treatment, chemical, environmental protection, food, pharmaceutical, printing and dyeing industries, and gradually replace most market fields of carbon steel and stainless steel.

FRP tanks can be divided into vertical tanks, hydrochloric acid tanks, horizontal tanks, transport tanks, sulfuric acid tanks, fermentation tanks, chemical tanks, anti-corrosion tanks, FRP mixing tanks, nitric acid tanks, gas tanks, liquid ammonia tanks, etc.

Our Mission

Gfiber is exist to provide all kinds of technical service though highly expertise. We will provide these critical services by offering pragmatically. We have option to provide these services by offering technical and operational skill which are 100% effective practice. And service can be Trunkey basis or partial. Gfiber committed to help our clients by building long term relation. And we also ready to solve all kinds of challenging problems. Gfiber is practice to provide a friendly career oriented environment which may encourage our staffs to take challenge. So, we can build a personal improvement, while can build a healthy company.

Our Vision

Gfiber strengths communities believed bright, advanced, and cost-effective solution for FRP Vessel. We consider customized design and timely delivery. We able to meet minimum budget maintaining strong relationships with our clients and fellow consultants. We harvest young and intelligent employees and understand the customer demand. We also consider customer’s importance of work balance. We try out best to comply our maximum capability to satisfy our customers. Our string honesty, integrity and experience executive and their professional excellence and our effort to fulfill the vision.