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About Gfiber FRP Vessel

About Gfiber Vessel

Gfiber is a well-known and predictable source for Water Treatment FRP Vessel in worldwide. Gfiber supply all sizes of FRP Vessel as per customer’s need and demand. You can think our company is one of the initiators for manufacturing FRP Vessel for water treatment who has sales network in worldwide basis. Through international expansions and as a natural outgrowth of our business, G-Fiber Vessel is also offer custom-made products that constructed for special needs of the various market segments. We are now carrying large inventory of developed products and; engineer into different field and application. With each division staffed by a group of dedicated team player, we are emphasized and control the quality throughout each step of our manufacturing process to meet every requirement.

Key points of our FRP Vessel

Why use Gfiber FRP Vessel

PE Blowing Liner, High performance resin with Fiber Glass winding outside.

PE rotation Liner, High performance resin with Fiber Glass winding outside.

Designation use liner height as tank height

Some FAQ

  • Water Treatment Plant
  • Water Softener Plant
  • As Water Storage Tank
  • Ion Exchange
  • Maximum operating pressure of Gfiber FRP vessel 10 bar that equivalent 150 psi.
  • Manufacturing process of PE Liners for Gfiber are made from CNC controlled blow molding machine.
  • No, Gfiber FRP vessel is 100% maintenance free.
  • No, technology of Gfiber FRP Vessel is 100% non-corrosive.