Trouble Shooting of FRP Membrane Vessel

Trouble Shooting & Attentions During Installation


Attention to Installation

The FRP Housing uses O -ring as a sealing mechanism. Therefore, the distribution of internal pressure exerted on the O -ring directly affect the FRP housing sealing performance. Thus, during installation, the external connector of the sealing plate influencing the sealing ability. Over tighten of connector will result in water leakage, which is difficult to identify the leakage problem.


Leakage due to Inproper Operation

During installation or reassemble of the end plate, apply of lubricant on the O -ring is compulsory to prevent O -ring damage or cracking. This will results water leakage. Thus, replacement of new O -ring is required.
Improper handling resulting surface damage such as scratch on the sealing portion, will affects the sealing performance. It is suggested to contact the manufacturer for advise.


Leakage due to Aging

After extend periods of usage, O -ring will aged naturally. It is suggested during replacement of membrane, to inspect the O -ring and replace those aged O -rings.


Mechanical Damage of Housing Body

When the performance of housing reduced due to mechanical damage which results leakage, it is advisable to replace the housing immediately.


Phenomenon of Water Hammering

If the RO System does not fill with water before start-up, it will results high pressure water flows through the first membrane and cause a sudden high pressure drop across the membrane. Or, start-up of the high pressure feed water pump with rapid opening of the feed valve. Then, water hammering would occurred. This may cause the damage of RO pressure vessel, or even the end plate fly off from the vessel and injuring plant personnel. Also, it would damage the membrane and its components.


How to deal with minor scores on the surface of the vessel

During the product delivery, please pay attention to surface protection of the vessel with proper packing and handling. Should there is any minor scores, use #600 sand paper to polish the scratch area with water.
After leveling of the scratch region, clean and dry it. Then, apply by spray on same color code paint on the repair area. Upon drying, apply on a layer of gloss finish burnishing paste and polish until it is shinning. If the scoring area is too big, which is not possible to be repair by the user, please contact the manufacturer and the telephone number : +88 01678 797997