Characteristics of FRP Vessel

FRP vessel is mainly made of fiberglass reinforced plastics.
The working pressure range between 150 psi to 1000psi.
The advantages of FRP vessels are as follows :

Flexible in mechanical property

FRP is composed of fiberglass or its fabric and synthetic resin. By changing the content and distribution of FRP, it will be in different strength and elasticity in certain range, to meet different requirements. After consider the pressure on both internal and external sides, the fiberglass can be spread in different directions, using proper amount of fabric and change the spreading direction, we are able to get the structure require. For membrane vessels, fabric winding process can be adopted, so that the vessel is at the best status under working pressure, giving full play to the structural performance of the vessel. The advantages as “light and strong” can be fully displayed.


Good heat insulating property

At room temperature, the heat conduction coefficient of FRP is between 0.15 to 0.36w in general, and it only contain 0.01 to 0.001% of metal material. The heat insulation property is very much better than metal material, so it provide a very good protection for the media inside, against temperature.


Great corrosion resistance

FRP is very good in corrosion resistance against high corrosion liquid.


Leak free

We are particularly on the processing method of inner lining of the FRP vessels, in order to achieve leak free required.


Unique structure

We optimize the structural part and head retainer groove on pressure vessels to ensure the structure is safe, long lasting, good dimensional stability under pressure and also optimize the thick liquid port to ensure the port is flexible for installation.


Reliable function of end plate

The head plate is an important part in FRP membrane vessels. Our head plate is made of top quality material with well designed. We are consider thoroughly the operating characteristics of the vessels, to ensure our vessels are very reliable.


Good suitability

Our FRP membrane vessels able to equip with almost all types of membranes.

Advance Fiberglass winding processing method ensure that every piece of
HYDOREX Membrane Vessel has the following unique features :


High smooth level of internal and external surface
High abrasive resistance
Unique designed O-ring provide “double protection” from leakage
End plate made of top quality material
Every membrane vessel undergo1.5 times water pressure test for 30 minutes before delivery
High performance over price ratio